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JH Choppers and Machine Blog...

AUG 2016

Chrome-E-O Speaker Grills: New Speaker Grills in the works for SBD Copy Cat Killer Lids. These are designed to fit 8" Hertz Speakers, available soon.


MAR 2016

Chrome-E-O Frame Grills / Frame Fillers: Check out these killer Frame Grills! Now available for the 2009-2013 Frames and 2014-2017 Frames

DEC 2015

Chrome-E-O Saddle Bag Latch Covers: Our newest style of saddle bag latch covers now have rubber inserts. These are designed to fit the 2014 to 2016 hard saddle bags.

NOV 2015

Chrome-E-O Rear Master Cylinder Covers: Checkout these killer Rear Master Cylinder Covers. Available in Show Chrome, Black Murdered and Black Contrast Cut.


OCT 2015

Chrome-E-O Performance Series of Rider Boards: These are our newest style of rider boards. They maintain the Chrome-E-O look and feel for compatibility with all of our other Chrome-E-O parts but are designed with performance rider in mind. These measure in at 15.5 inches, just a little longer than stock boards and curve in towards the bike. Available in ALL Chrome, Chrome with Rubber, ALL Black with rubber and Black Contrast Cut with Rubber.

SEP 2015

Chrome-E-O Master Cylinder Covers: Check out our new Master Cylinder Covers for the front Brake and Hydraulic Clutches. The front brake will work on your touring bike from 2008-2016 and the hydraulic clutch cover will fit 2014-2016 (some of the older CVO years too)

Chrome-E-O Front Master Cylinder Cover

Chrome-E-O Hydraulic Clutch Cover

AUG 2015

Chrome-E-O / NESS Horn Covers: We are now offering a Chrome-E-O Styled Horn Cover. Using an Arlen Ness covers and a mirror image of our points cover, we not have a kit that includes 5 chrome bolts.

JUL 2015

Chrome-E-O Street Glide Dash Insert: We have added rubber inserts to our Street Glide Dash. This is a nice compliment to our other products. Now you have 3 styles to choose from.

JUN 2015

Chrome-E-O Fuel Doors: Our Show Chrome and Black Contrast Cut Fuel Doors are now available. These are a simple bolt on and for 2008 to 2016 Touring Bikes.

MAY 2015

One-Off Arlen Ness EVO Derby Cover: Now this it totally cool, we were asked to make a one-off replica of an Arlen Ness Derby cover for Hellion Custom Cycles. Yes... they had permission from Corry Ness to allows us to do this for a special build. Since this Ness part is no longer in production, we were able to create it from scratch. The final chrome version below looks killer.

APR 2015

Chrome-E-O Street Glide Dash Insert: Our Street Glide / Road Glide Dashes for 2008 to 2015 are now available in Show Chrome or Black Anodized Contrast Cuts.

MAR 2015

Chrome-E-O Road Glide Turn Signal Eliminators: We now turn signal eliminators for your 2013 and older Road Glides. Available in both Show Chrome and Black Anodized Contrast Cut

FEB 2015

Chrome-E-O Fender Spacers: The NEW Chrome-E-O Style Fender Spacers are now available in Show Chrome Finish and Black Anodized Contrast Cut. We have added several other sizes too from 1 1/4", 1", 7/8" and 3/4" to support different fender widths. These are available for 41mm (1993-2013) and 49mm (2014-2105) fork lowers. Sold in sets of 2 each.


JAN 2015

Chrome-E-O Shift Linkage: The NEW Chrome-E-O Style Shift Linkage is now available in SHOW Chrome Finish and Black Anodized Contrast Cut.

DEC 2014

Chrome-E-O Shift Linkage: The NEW Chrome-E-O Style Shift Linkage is now available in SHOW Chrome Finish, includes hardware chrome hardware too. Black ANodized Contrast Cut will be available just before Christmas !

NOV 2014

Chrome-E-O 1 1/4 inch Fender Spacers: Now available 1 1/4 inch CHROME-E-O Style front fender spacers for your 23, 26, 30 and 32 inch fenders. Designed for 5 1/2 inch wide front fenders, available in both SHOW Chrome Finish or Black Contrast Cut

NOV 2014

Chrome-E-O Shift Linkage: Check out our Shift Linkage Prototype! This will be available soon in Show Chrome Finish and Black ANodized Contrast Cut.

OCT 2014

Chrome-E-O Latch Covers: The NEW Show Chrome and Black Anodized Contrast Cut 2014-2015 Latch Hinge Covers are in stock and ready to ship!

SEP 2014

Chrome-E-O Latch Covers: Checkout these NEW Chrome-e-o Style Latch / Hinge Covers for the 2014-2015 touring hard bags. These are the first production parts installed on a set of 2014 bags. Chrome and black anodized versions will be in stock in about 3 to 4 weeks. Our design hugs the curve on the bags and matches all of our other chrome-e-o parts.

AUG 2014

Chrome-E-O Fuel Prototypes: Our R&D Team has created a NEW domed replacement Chrome-E-O style fuel door. These will be available in both Chrome and Hard Black Anodized Contrast Cut.


JUL 2014

Chrome-E-O Black Anodized Contrast Cut Rider Boards: Our Chrome-E-O Hard Black Anodized Contrast Cut with Rubber Inserts rider boards are now available on our online store. The matching brake pedal is also online! Additional parts are being added.


JUN 2014

Chrome-E-O Stage One and Ness Sucker Air Filter Cover: This is our new Air Filter Covers for Stage One KIts and Ness Big Sucker Air Filters. Chrome and Black Contrast Cuts versions will be available soon.


MAY 2014

Chrome-E-O Derby and Points Covers: Below are the new Black Anodized Contrast Cut Derby and Points covers. Perfect Match to the Chrome-E-O Parts line.

APR 2014

Chrome-E-O Heel Toes Shifter Pegs: The new Chrome-E-O Heel Toe Shifter Pegs are in. We have these in Chrome, Chrome with Rubber Inserts, Black Anodized and Black Anodized with Rubber Inserts.


MAR 2014

2014 Ignition Switch Covers are in: Check out the NEW 3 Lined Ignition Switch Cover installed on this 2014 Street Glide

FEB 2014

Urban Bagger Magazine: Check out the February issue of Urban Bagger. Darwin Hansen owner of Custom Werks Designs is running CHROME-E-O floorboards!

FEB 2014

HOTBIKE Magazine: Check out the February issue of HOTBIKE. Tyler Foster owner of Sikpipes is running CHROME-E-O latch and ignition switch cover!

FEB 2014

CROME-E-O Style Bolt on Brake Pedal: We have redesigned our brake pedal to be a simple bolt on. The new design mounts in minutes without having to modify your stock brake arm. Its currently available with machined diamond cuts or with rubber diamond inserts.


JAN 2014

CROME-E-O Style Saddlebag Latch Covers with Rubber Inserts: When our customers talk...we listen. We had several request to add rubber inserts to our CHROME-E-O saddlebag latch covers. So we did and they look killer.

JAN 2014

CROME-E-O Style Passenger Pegs: Chrome versions of the CHROME-E-O Bagger Passenger Pegs are now available. We have these with machined diamond cuts and with rubber diamond inserts. These simply replace your stock bagger pegs using the same OEM mounts and hardware.

DEC 2013

Frieze Harley-Davidson: We have teamed up with our friends at Frieze Harley-Davidson! This means our Chrome-e-o parts line in now available at their location. Please stop in at Freize and check our our new display cases. You can also visit them online at

DEC 2013

Bagger Passenger Pegs: Check out our new Bagger Passenger Pegs will be available JAN/FEB 2014. The finishes will include Chrome, Chrome with Rubber Inserts, Black Contrast Cut and Black Contrast Cut with Rubber Inserts.

NOV 2013

2014 Ignition Switch Covers: We will be releasing the 2014 and Newer Ignition Switch Covers soon. Below is the first batch of the 2014 Switch Covers heading out for Chrome and Black Anodized.

NOV 2013

Chrome-E-O Style Ignition Switch Covers: Our Chrome-E-O Style Ignition Switch Covers are in stock and shipping. We have these in Chrome and Black Contrast Cut.

OCT 2013

Chrome-E-O Style Bagger Floorboards are going on some sick bikes: Our Chrome-E-O Style bagger boards are being installed by some of the biggest builders in the industry like Custom Werks Designs SLC out of Utah. Other builders are also using them on some of the baddest builds around. Check out these bikes below of the Chrome-E-O boards installed:

SEP 2013

One-Off Ignition Switch Cover are Now Available: Our switch covers are a great way to cover up that ugly stock ignition switch. We offer several styles and finishes to choose from. Now we can even laser etch the finest detail needed to match any design you need. We have teamed up with our good friend Carl Berry of Legacy Baggers, who makes awesome speaker grills, to create one-off ignition switch covers. Below are some of his latest creations using our Machined Parts.

You can contact Carl Berry at


AUG 2013

NEW Chrome-E-O Turn Signal Eliminators: Our Chrome-E-O Turn Signal Eliminators are now available. These simply mount to cover up the mounting holes after removing the OEM turn signals.

JUL 2013

NEW Chrome-E-O Passenger Floor / Bagger Boards: Our Chrome-E-O Passenger Floor Boards / Bagger Boards are now available. These simply mount to the stock board mount and allow you to reuse the spring a ball to flip the boards up when not in use! Available with Machined Diamond Cuts or Black Diamond Rubber inserts. (shown below in raw machine finish)

JUL 2013

NEW Chrome-E-O Brake Pedals: We now have matching Brake Pedals for the Chrome-E-O parts line. These are available with Machined Diamond Cuts or Black Diamond Rubber inserts. A custom matching washer and bolts are also included to complete the kit. These are designed to fit onto your stock brake mount, you will need to cut the stock tab to install them. (shown below in raw machine finish)


JUN 2013

NEW Chrome-E-O Floor / Bagger Boards: Our Chrome-E-O Floor Boards / Bagger Boards are now available. Shown below with rubber inserts, these are also available with machine cut diamond patterns in a chrome or raw machine finish. For information visit the our Bagger Boards page.


JUN 2013

NEW Black Ops and Chrome-E-O Design Series: This is the new Black Ops and Chrome-E-O Saddlebag Latch Covers. These are in stock and are available for 169.99 a set.

Black Ops Latch Covers


Chrome-E-O Latch Covers


ARP 2013

NEW Black Ops Design Series: These are the new Black Ops Saddlebag Latch Covers and Ignition Switch Covers. These have been designed the match the NEW floors boards shown below. Chrome and Contrast Cut versions will be available early JUN2013.


MAR 2013

NEW Black Ops / Chrome-E-O Design Series: We are now launching our NEW Black Ops and Chrome-E-O Design Series of Parts. Starting with these Killer bagger floor boards that are offered in Chrome, Black Anodized, Chrome with Rubber inserts and Black Anodized with rubber inserts. There will be matching brake peddles, Ignition Switch Covers, Saddlebag Latch Covers, Dashes, Derby's and Points Covers too. Below are some of the early Bagger Black Ops Floor Boards.


FEB 2013

Engine Tags: Check out these cool Engine Tags we did for C&S Speed Shop.

FEB 2013

More Diamond Parts: We have added a few more diamond parts. Derby and Oil Inspection Covers. These will be available in Chrome and Black.


FEB 2013

Black Anodized Contrast Cut RoadKing Dash Covers: A new twist to an older design, we are now making black anodized contrast cut roadking dash covers. These are a great match with the saddlebag latch covers. Even the flamed washer is now available in black.

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